Our pop up's will be announced here.


What are our pop up's? 

Our pop up's are a great way of getting a family/child photo shoot without the pressure.

Put simply.... the shoot is completely FREE and there is no-obligation to buy anything!! But if you do our prices start from just £5.

The way it works..... check out the list of venues and dates below, find one that suits you. Get in touch to book your FREE PHOTO SHOOT.

At the shoot you will have a FREE 20min shoot, this can include siblings and parents.

After the shoot you will be shown your pictures where you can select any you wish to buy. No pressure, no hard sell. 

We will then print your pictures there and then for you to take home with you on the day!!! 

How goods that? 

We will also then create an on-line gallery (password protected) so you can show all your pictures to your friends and family.


Where are we next?


Click here....... Pop up's announced.



What you need to do... either message us through here or pm us on FACEBOOK